Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tiramisu.....our italian farewell

Just over a week ago we lost my uncle, Rob, to cancer. He was a gorgeous, inspiring and talented man. And he was Italian and he loved to cook and entertain, usually in partnership with my cousin, the beautiful Gemma. So this weekend just gone, my little family had an italian dinner of lasagna & tiramisu to celebrate this great man. We will miss you so much. x

Here is the recipe for the tiramisu.

4 eggs
4 dessert spoons sugar
400g marscopone cheese (or cheat like I do with 300ml cream & 80g philly cheese)
2 cups espresso coffee
1 large packet savoiardi (lady finger) biscuits

Seperate eggs. Beat whites until stiff. Beat yokes & sugar together, add cheese and mix until smooth (I use a hand beater). Gently fold in whites. Quick dip biscuits in coffee one at a time and arrange first layer. Just cover with some mixture. Repeat layering til all mixture is gone (finish with mixture). Cover & refridgerate over night. Dust with cocoa prior to serving.

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